Update on my freezer meal planning

This is only my second month freezer meal planning. I’ve tried in the past but always gave up after some point because I just couldn’t handle it. It was too much for me and I would always forget half of the things I needed from the store the first trip… so I made way more trips to the store then I would before. I would give up. Put the paper down, and just do what I always do: figure out what to make that day.

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Making my Valentine’s day special with Etching Expressions


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Valentine’s day has always been one of those holidays (until recently) that we’ve pushed under the rug. We just never really had time to celebrate, especially after our first child, Hayden was born. His birthday is Feb 13th.. which kind of makes Valentine’s day on the back burner. Its not a big deal, its just that he takes priority on the day… weekend or whatever is coming.

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Mealfit Meal Planning Giveaway


Mealfit Giveaway Image

Welcome to the Mealfit Meal Planning Giveaway: Sponsored by Mealfit.co and Hosted by Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker

MealFit is monthly meal-planning that includes menus that are built upon paleo, primal and southern-style cooking.   A basic principle of these recipes is that when you limit your high glycemic carbohydrates and use low-glycemic carbohydrates and fat as your energy sources, you will perform, look and feel better. MealFit is also for people who are busy, which seems to be everyone in our society today.

Why Should I Join MealFit

The real question is, Why shouldn’t you join MealFit?

If you are a super organized person who loves planning ahead(like me!), then this is definitely for you!  This plan is affordable and you get to buy your own foods with recipes already in mind. When you think about fad diets and all you spend on their products these prices just make sense. To Read The Full Review Click Here.

Enter the Giveaway Below! Have Fun and Good Luck!!

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Things your teen should know about cars

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We’re always excited when our children get their driver’s licence and can head out to take their first ride. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that for a while. However, there are some things that I believe our teens need to be taught about cars in general before they head out with their own cars.

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Safe Driving Tips


This is a partial acticle. Looking for my full guest post? Check out my post at Marshall CDJR.

Every once in a while, everyone needs to remember safe driving. While the amount of car accidents are going down, there are still way too many car accidents happening in our cities. Car accidents is still one of the top killers of people and it needs to stop. Follow some of these safety tips and save a life.

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I added some Argan Oil to my life!


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I’ve talked about my hair more than once. I mean, when I went natural, it was therapeutic for me to write about any of the issues I was or am having. However, I never really had to deal with the dryness from the weather until this year. It is bad. I didn’t realize how thirsty my hair can be until I recognized my sad dry hair. So i decided to do something about it.

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