How to winterize your car

This is a partial acticle. Looking for my full guest post? Check out my post at Ames Ford. Winter is coming! Yeah I know, I'm not too happy about that either. But since its coming whether we like it or not, now is the perfect time to prepare for the weather. Here are a bunch of things that you may or may not have to do this fall, but are best to get check before winter hits. Get a tune-up- This is something that includes lots of parts of your car. Replace windshield wipes and stock up on … [Continue reading...]

Surviving Long Car rides with Children

This is a partial acticle. Looking for my full guest post? Check out my post at BMW of Belair. Last year, we took the 12 hour car ride from Columbus to Boston, where my mom lives. The boys are used to the 6 hour ride but not 12. It was my job to try and figure out what would keep their attention so they don't get ansy and drive mom and dad crazy. It was hard. But I wanted to share my experience with you.. to not only keep you sane but to help make your ride just a little big … [Continue reading...]

How do you Smile Brilliantly?

Smile Brilliant

I received the Smile Brilliant Kit in exchange of a review of the product. No other compensation was given. All opinions below are my own.

I’ve always wanted whiter teeth. I just don’t have the best track record with my teeth. I had braces twice when I was younger… then a permanent brace was attached to my top front teeth (in the back). My top front teeth always stuck out a little because I’m a tongue sucker. I was always a little bit jealous of everyone and their “normal” teeth. No big deal though. However, there was something else that I could attempt to fix myself: How white my teeth were.

I drink coffee and Pepsi. So my teeth aren’t the whitest of white. Smile Brilliant isn’t like just any teeth whitening company. They provide you with custom fitted whitening trays made by you at your home. How, you ask?

Smile Brilliant

This kit is sent to your home with instructions on how to make your trays. Once your teeth are imprinted, you send them back to the lab so they can make your trays. Once your trays have been processed and sent back to you, you’ll receive these trays (minus the prints of your teeth).

smile brilliant

Once I got my trays, I applied the desensitizing gel first then applied the teeth whitening gel. The first time I used it, I left each on for an hour before removing them. It was a simple application and didn’t bother me at all. My teeth were still a little irritated after the application so I didn’t do it again the next day like planned. I noticed a difference after the first application and wanted to share those pictures with you.


Smile Brilliant

My teeth after just one application.

It will take more applications to get my teeth where I want them but it will take some time. My teeth seem to be more sensitive than I thought, so I can’t whiten everyday like recommended. according to the website, Application varies per person based on tooth sensitivity and severity of stains. The average person with light to moderate stains should use the product daily for 4-7 days (1-3 hours per day) before all stains have been removed from the surface of their tooth’s enamel. As you can see from the photo above, my stains are moderate. That’s the problem with liking coffee.

As you can see above, the application didn’t take much effect on the rest of my teeth but the tips are noticibly whiter. I had to make sure to adjust where I put the gel to make sure it went over all of the teeth. I also started adding time to the process to make sure I let the whitening gel do its magic.

Wanting to remove the stains from your teeth and get back to your original white teeth? Check out the Smile Brilliant website to see how you can be on the road to Brilliant teeth. Want to win this set from Smile Brilliant right here? This giveaway is open worldwide! *If you are a international winner, you will have to pay for the shipping fee for shipping your impressions back.* This giveaway ends November 14, 2014 at 11:59pm est.

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My current wash day Routine

hair October 2014

I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would share my wash day routine. Honestly, I forgot. Its totally my fault. So here I am, crawling back and asking for your forgiveness as I share what I do. Some of the things I do, I adapted for a couple natural YouTube ladies and I’ll share who they are so you can follow them if you like. So let’s get started!

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How to finally own your dream car!

how to finally own your dream car

This is a partial article. Looking for my full guest post? Check out my post at Maserati of Baltimore.

That car you’ve been dreaming about for years seems so far off that you can’t even taste it anymore, right? Sometimes it feels that way to me. Dreaming about the car that you’ve been looking at for months (and sometimes years) can make you feel kind of crazy, especially as you climb into the car that you bought because you could afford it. Well, here are some ways to make sure that the car you’ve always wanted is in your hands sooner than later.

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What’s the deal with electric cars?

This is a partial acticle. Looking for my full guest post? Check out my post at BMW of Towson.

I’m not surprised that eletric cars have become more and more part of the norm in the United States. At one point, no one new how much a charge could hold a car, let alone get them where they needed to go day in and day out. Now, there are charging stations at my local mall. I find that kind of awesome.

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October is meant for Pumpkins!

Pumpkin Picking

Last year I wrote a post about how we went to Lynd’s Farm to pick our own pumpkins. We loved it so much that we did it again this year with my husband in tow. My favorite part of visiting Lynd’s Farms is that we get to pick our own pumpkins. They have fields spread out with tons of pumpkins in different sizes and sometimes you have to search for the perfect pumpkin for you.

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Win a Big Book of Savings!

The Big Book of Savings

This giveaway is sponsored. I was compensated to host this giveaway. All opinions listed below are my own.

Everyone loves savings right? I mean, if you were handed a coupon for the exact thing you put it in your cart at the grocery store, you’d take it! I mean especially if you got one everytime it happened. I’d do it… and get more food! Well, Right now, Ryan’s HomeTown Buffet and Old Country Buffet are offering a Big Book of Savings!

The Big Book of Savings

The popular buffet restaurants Ryan’s, HomeTown Buffet, and Old Country Buffet are introducing limited-edition copies of The Big Book of Savings, filled with more than $75 in discounts. The coupon books are available for purchase for $10 at any of the 324 family restaurants, and is available for just $5 for senior guests (age 60 and above). Each coupon booklet features 25 coupons. Offers include discounts on breakfast, lunch and dinner, and feature BOGOs, “Two Can Dine” offers, specially discounted meal pricing, and more.

Coupons may be redeemed at any of the restaurants and are valid through November 26, 2014. Offers may not be combined, but guests may purchase an unlimited number of books while supplies last.

Well, I’m here to giveaway a couple Big Book of Savings coupon books! Oh and don’t worry, there will be 4 winners so better chance for everyone! Just fill out the giveaway tools form below to enter to win. This giveaway ends October 25 2014 at 11:59pm est and is open to the US only.

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Alexander and the Very Bad Day in Theaters!

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I was sent screening tickets to see the movie before it was released. All opinions below are my own.

I remember reading this book when I was younger and I’m proud to say that my children often read it now because it hasn’t gone out of style. Its one of those books that reminds you to just live your day, even it IS terrible and horrible and all that. This is why I was so excited to take my boys to see the movie when I heard it was in the making.

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New Chuggington DVD: Chuggineers Ready to Build

Chuggineers Ready to Build

I was sent a copy of the DVD for our own personal review. All opinions below are my own.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We love trains in this house. Especially Noah. He loves to play with trains and watches every show and movie he can find about trains. So he was super happy to find out about the newest Chuggington DVD to be released. This one is definitely one that he loves because its called Chuggineers Ready to Build.

Chuggineers Ready to Build

Chuggington: Chuggineers Ready to Build shows off the hard working adventures of the trains. Brewster happens to be the one train that pretty much stars in all the episodes. I like these episodes because it shows that trains don’t just take you somewhere, they help put down new rails (as well as other things). There are 5 action packed (at least for kids) episodes that your child can learn how train missions work.

I think Noah’s favorite episode was “Back up Brewster”. Watching the trains rescue another one was kind of cool if I say so myself. They even had to ask for help because the Mega Chug Crane was so heavy and they were pushing it up hill. But of course they made it work and all was ok by the end of the episode. This DVD is filled with 64 minutes of episodes but also includes some bonus features like a music video! Don’t forget to check those out.

Chuggington:Chuggineers Ready to Build is released tomorrow (October 14th 2014) and you can pre-order it at any location that sells DVDs. Enter to win a copy for yourself right here! Fill out the giveaway tools form below to enter. This giveaway is open to the US only and ends October 31st 2014 at 11:59pm est.
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