Recipe: Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia


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My family and I enjoy fish. Even the boys love to eat fish with my husband and I depending on how I cook it. But I’ve been getting tired of the same thing. My favorite was always to pan-fry the fish in olive oil with seasonings on it… it was perfect for eating with a couple sides or using in fish tacos (which have always been my favorite) but I wanted a different way to enjoy my fish and give my husband (and my boys) something different. Thanks to the great minds behind HCubedSpecialities, I have a perfect recipe to share with you that only needs a couple ingredients that you might even have my your house right now.

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Don’t miss the newly remodeled Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point! #bloggingatCP


I’m so excited!

So my family and I have made Cedar Point a part of our lives the last couple of years because I believe that both adults and children need to have fun as they can. Even if we can’t spend the full day at the park, just being there and having as much fun as we can adds life into our family that just sitting at home doesn’t do.

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Saving the morning with El Monterey breakfast burritos #momwins


Sometimes we’re in such a rush to get out of the house in the morning… especially when the boys and I don’t wake up until 8am. Hayden has to be at school in 30 minutes and want to make sure he eats something healthy before he leaves. However, 30 minutes isn’t really a lot of time to get something cooked. Thankfully, we’ve had the chance to try out the new El Monterey breakfast Burritos.

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Screening of HOME in Columbus OH this weekend!


Live in Columbus and want to the the movie HOME before it hits theaters March 27th, read the information below and click the link. You won’t be sorry!


Join the comedic adventures of a girl and her loveable misfit from another planet! Enter here for your chance to win passes for HOME on Saturday, March 21 at Polaris theatre 

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Update on my freezer meal planning

This is only my second month freezer meal planning. I’ve tried in the past but always gave up after some point because I just couldn’t handle it. It was too much for me and I would always forget half of the things I needed from the store the first trip… so I made way more trips to the store then I would before. I would give up. Put the paper down, and just do what I always do: figure out what to make that day.

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Making my Valentine’s day special with Etching Expressions


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Valentine’s day has always been one of those holidays (until recently) that we’ve pushed under the rug. We just never really had time to celebrate, especially after our first child, Hayden was born. His birthday is Feb 13th.. which kind of makes Valentine’s day on the back burner. Its not a big deal, its just that he takes priority on the day… weekend or whatever is coming.

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