Nursery Update #pregnancy #35weeks


This is not a sponsored post. I paid for this decal myself, just wanted to share my experience.

This past weekend, my husband and I took up the task of putting up a decal on the wall of the baby’s room. I ordered the decal from The Decal Lab on Etsy. Of course we pick great colors to match the nursery and we don’t have a specific theme but I love trees.

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Using Perfectly Simple Bars to fill my #FeelGooder Moment


Rarely do I get much time to myself as a work-at-home mom. Seriously. With teaching Noah, making sure Hayden has everything he needs for school (and does his homework after school) and a husband that is also in school… I just don’t get a whole lot of alone time. So I try to get my own #feelGooder moment whenever I get the chance.

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End of the summer update: We’ll miss you summer!


So many changes the last couple of weeks!

school Hayden

Hayden started school: He’s in the 3rd grade this year. I can’t believe my oldest baby is in the 3rd grade. He’s getting so old, its kind of freaking me out! He’s doing great and the teachers seem to love him. I was a little bit worried about him starting a new school but he’s adapting really well. He’s a trooper!


Noah is spending this year at home with me.. working through kindergarten prep since according to the school district, he’s too young to start kindergarten. Its ok, he seems to love doing his “homework” with me and he loves to pick out books to read. It doesn’t take up too much time in the day so he still has plenty of time to play and be a 4 year old.

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Save money for back to school with OfficeMax #OMaxVisa15

This post is sponsored by Tatu Digital Media. All opinions below are my own.

My husband has been in grad school for about a year now. He has 3 semesters under his belt and about 5 more to go before his Spring 2017 graduation. He’s so excited about school (and loves it because it keeps him busy) but I’m all about trying to save just a little bit here and there. He has a book this upcoming semester that could be up to $325! Just for 1 book! This is of course on top of paying for all of his classes. So this is what I do: look for savings.

back to school

Starting yesterday, you can save $15 instantly at OfficeMax when you buy $300 in Visa gift cards. How awesome is that? Buy $300 worth of Visa gift card for books or anything really and save $15. You can “double dip” on savings if you own a Chase Ink Business credit card! This card offers increase rewards on purchases made at office supply stores, so you can earn an additional 4x points or 5% cash back on your Visa gift card purchase! Win Win right? The offer runs 8/16 to 8/21! (Program Restrictions: Activation fees apply, Limit 2 per household, See store for details.)

I’m totally excited for this offer because we not only have to worry about Paul’s school supplies but we also have about 7 week before baby #3 shows her lovely face! Having some extra gift cards laying around couldn’t hurt. And you can’t forget that the holidays are coming up in a couple of months. Start putting away some of your money to work on your shopping list. I’ve started shopping but there is always time to get things for other people. Let me know how you plan on spending your $300 Visa gift card (and your $15 savings) because of course I’d love to know! While your at it, here is a giveaway for a $50 Amazon e-gift card! Enter on the rafflecopter form below to enter to win. The giveaway ends August 28th! Read more on Save money for back to school with OfficeMax #OMaxVisa15…

Snacking with #PlentiYogurt #LandofPlenti


I have less than 8 weeks left in this pregnancy and my main goal is snacking- eating a couple times a day instead of eating 3 full meals. It feels better for me to have snacks throughout the day rather than filling up in one meal. I end up full but sluggish most of the day when I eat a lot at a time. Add that to the 3rd trimester tiredness and I’m just dragging most of the day.

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Summer fun with Family Finest Pizza


This post is sponsored by Family Finest. I received vouchers to buy the items, no other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

With me being pregnant, this summer seems a little bit longer than normal. I love my boys but its hard trying to come up with fun things for them to do. They love keeping busy and doing things with me (which I love as well) but I don’t always have the energy to do it.

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#LiveBrighter with Kids the best way


Its hard being at home all summer with both boys. Not just trying to keep them busy but everytime I head upstairs for anything at all, it seems I’m turning off lights or a TV they abandoned in the hurry to play something else. Its funny… I never thought about electricity or saving energy until I became a mom and found out why my mom yelled at us all the time to turn off the lights.

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Prepping the House for Baby #3


I touched on painting the nursery when I talked about planning for baby #3 a couple weeks ago. As of today, we have (plus or minus) 10 more weeks until the newest addition arrives and I thought this past weekend was the perfect time to paint the nursery. Yes, the room had enough air coming through so I could help paint. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. My husband and I carefully chose the colors for the room.. with maybe a little bit of imput from the boys and started painting.

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How to easily travel with Kids

This is a partial acticle. Looking for my full guest post? Check out my post at Zeigler Fiat of Grandville.

Summer is the perfect time to take your family (and your car) out on a roadtrip. But roadtrips have to be planned out for everyone to have their maximum enjoyment. I’ve traveled by myself and didn’t have much trouble, as long as I stopped for food and bathroom breaks whenever I could. However, traveling with children… no matter what the age may need a little bit more planning. Here are some helpful tips below.

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