Kellogg’s Gift Basket giveaway (ends 6/28)


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When it comes to Kellogg’s we think of Special K, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and many other delicious and good for you cereals. Well, Kellogg’s either stepped into a time machine and went back to Ancient Times, or they just decided to bring the ancient grains back into the 21st Century. It’s definitely the latter, since I don’t think anyone has created the time machine yet…yet.

You’re probably wondering what in the world am I talking about right? Well, I’m talking about Kellogg’s Origins available in Cereal, Granola, and Muesli. If you’re a health nut, or trying to become healthy, then you probably already know what muesli is. If you don’t allow me to explain what all three are. The following information below was provided by Kellogg’s.
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Inside Out in theaters today! (6/19)


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My family and I are crazy about Disney and Pixar movies. So when given the chance to see Inside Out, of course we lined up to see it. All the previews looked totally awesome and definitely something that we would see so we headed to the theater to check it out. Want to know more about the film before I jump into my review? Check out the Synopsis below:

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Pregnancy #3- Week 24


I am so forgetful right now so forgive me if I don’t update as often as I should. With that being said, this pregnancy seems to be moving right along! I am currently 24 weeks and estimate that I have about 15 weeks left. My children always seem to show up at least a week before their due date so I have to make sure I’m ready, you know? I’m thinking I’ll be in labor the week after my birthday. Anyway, updates guys!

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Looking for a father’s day gift? #GoProatBestBuy


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Have you need on the lookout for the newest and best for father’s day gifts? I’m always looking for something cool and interesting for my husband because its rare when he gets something nice that he can use all to himself. Plus, most of the time he just plans ahead for something that he wants so we don’t get a chance to get whatever it is (that he wants) ourselves.

GoPro Hero+ LCD

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Taking on Cedar Point while pregnant


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As a family, We love Cedar Point. If you’ve been a long ime reader, its totally obvious. So even being pregnant wouldn’t keep me from making sure my boys and husband got to experience Cedar Point this summer. I happily walked around the park with my 4 year old but there are some precautions in doing an amusement park and being pregnant.

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We are joining the summer reading club!


Yesterday was Hayden and Noah’s last day of school. Hayden is headed towards the 3rd grade.. if you live in Ohio, you know what’s an important grade. He has to deal with the Reading OAA. The reading OAA is the Grade 3 Reading Ohio Achievement Assessment. As of this past school year, a student must reach at least a 394 on this test to be able to move on to the 4th grade.

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Hayden and the picky eater challenge with Chipotle


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 Hayden has always been the most pickiest eater in the house. For a while, all we could get him to eat were hotdogs, chicken nuggets (with french fries of course) and a couple different kinds of cereal. I’m so glad that now since he’s 8 years old, he’s been “trying” to overcome his pickines and try things again. Its not an easy task for a kid, but he’s trying.

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