#LiveBrighter with Kids the best way


Its hard being at home all summer with both boys. Not just trying to keep them busy but everytime I head upstairs for anything at all, it seems I’m turning off lights or a TV they abandoned in the hurry to play something else. Its funny… I never thought about electricity or saving energy until I became a mom and found out why my mom yelled at us all the time to turn off the lights.

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Prepping the House for Baby #3


I touched on painting the nursery when I talked about planning for baby #3 a couple weeks ago. As of today, we have (plus or minus) 10 more weeks until the newest addition arrives and I thought this past weekend was the perfect time to paint the nursery. Yes, the room had enough air coming through so I could help paint. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. My husband and I carefully chose the colors for the room.. with maybe a little bit of imput from the boys and started painting.

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How to easily travel with Kids

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Summer is the perfect time to take your family (and your car) out on a roadtrip. But roadtrips have to be planned out for everyone to have their maximum enjoyment. I’ve traveled by myself and didn’t have much trouble, as long as I stopped for food and bathroom breaks whenever I could. However, traveling with children… no matter what the age may need a little bit more planning. Here are some helpful tips below.

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Take your car on a roadtrip!

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The summer is coming and is one of the very best times to take you and your family for a roadtrip! Roadtripping is one of my family’s favorite pasttimes but you have to know what your family will love and what is worth the drive before packing everyone up and heading out that door. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can find some beautiful places to head to in your car and be there in a couple of hours.

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Need to Choose a car seat?

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From birth to about age 8 (depending on the state you live in), your child will need to be in a car seat. There are always so many car seats to choose from and so little time. How do you choose which seat is perfect for you is the question. First things first, let’s look at what each car seat type is made for.

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Marvel’s Ant-Man In Theaters today! (7/17)


I was offered a ticket to see the screening on the movie in exchange of a review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

I’ve seen pretty much all of the Marvel movies the last couple of years. I love how so many of them are being re-made or just finally coming up and just being awesome! Because they are getting so popular, we were only offered 1 ticket to this screening.. which meant only one of us could go. Then I realized none of us could go because my husband had class, therefor, I had to stay at home with the kids. Thankfully, a friend who enjoys Marvel movies as much as we do was free and did the review for me. Thanks Andy! Check out the synopsis and Andy’s review below.

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Planning for baby #3


I’ve officially hit the 3rd trimester this week. My appetite has increased just a little and I’m starting to feel tired more often… again. I’ve done my best to keep stress away.. which isn’t completely possible but I’m doing my best. I’m also trying to spend as much fun time with my boys as I can because with a new baby coming, I want to make sure my boys know they can still have fun with me.

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A Red Gold Tomatoes Twist on Hamburgers (Recipe)


My husband and I have come up with one of those delicious and flavorful recipes for hamburgers that we’ve used for a couple of years. Nothing incredibly impressive but we kind of make them like mini meatloafs but into hamburger patties and grill them. It makes for a fabulous hamburger and our family and friends love them. However, I wanted to continue to try different flavors in our hamburgers so I’ve come up with a veriation to our hamburger that includes on thing: Red Gold Tomatoes.

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