Movie of my life? What?

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Yup, a movie of my life… can you believe it?

movie of my life

Since it is my life after all, I got the choice to pick who was going to be cast as actors and actresses. It was hard but I’m all about those hard decision, you know. So I’ve made the list of main characters and who will play them, want to see?


  • Young me: China Anne McClain (I like to think that I was a child prodigy)
  • Adult me: Kerry Washington (because I like a little scandal and she was awesome in Save the Last Dance) or Gabrielle Union (I can’t choose so we’ll see who does it better)
  • My husband Paul: Wil Wheaton (because I let my husband choose)
  • Hayden: himself
  • Noah: himself (because they need to be movie stars)
  • My mom: Whoopi Goldberg (Because who doesn’t want Whoopi as your mom?)
  • my best friend “Jay”: Sanaa Latham ( She was called Monica in high school… Love and Basketball anyone?)
  • my best friend Sara: Lela Rochon (even thought I said she should be Keshia Knight Pulliam: she hates it even though she should take it as a complement but she looks like Rudy!)
  • my best friend Kim: Ashley Judd (I’m not sure why but I like Ashley Judd)

We haven’t talked budget yet so hopefully I haven’t hit my cap with my actors list. No, everyone will want to see my movie so I should have a pretty high cap. We need 2 cities to film in and I bet my home town would love a movie filmed there so Rochester would be our first city.. not sure about the second.

I also decided that one of my hardest days as a mom has to be in the movie. It wouldn’t be a movie about me without that time period in my life. I mean, it help mold me into a mom! Yes, they are not making a movie about me but its fun to think about it, isn’t it? Who would play you in a movie? Have some fun with it!

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  1. Bonnie says

    Great choices. Wil Wheatin I love the Big Bang guest appearances.
    As for me… someone sassy and not afraid to take on a challenge, oh did I forget to mention she will need to be right around… 50ish.

  2. Mary Dailey says

    I don’t know what made you think of this, but it’s such a fun idea. I love Ashley Judd, too!

  3. says

    Love it! I think Whoopi would be a fun mom to have. You know, Wil would have been a good choice for my hubby too I think lol Ahh love my geek 😛

  4. says

    This is such a fun writing prompt. I think my life would require a mini-series and I might have to take some creative license with the romantic aspects of my life. Maybe a fling with the likes of Daniel Craig? LOL