Switched at Birth: S2 E12

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switched at birth

I have to admit, I had trouble getting into this episode of Switched at Birth. I think it was mostly me but I had to watch it twice to make sure I knew what was going on. Hopefully they don’t lose me this season… what am I saying. They totally won’t! LOL

Toby: I’m not sure his fiance fully understands how much a wedding costs. That’s the whole point of having your parents help. Since they don’t want their help, it does totally fall on them. So now he’s got a “family” to worry about and wants to make sure he can take care of them. His idea of being a manager is a great idea and I fully support it.

Toby/Travis: This brings me to the issue with both of them wanting to be the manager. Travis is great and would be perfect for the manager position especially now that he is learning to get along with everyone. It isn’t easy doing that and then you add being deaf to it. However, he has another year to graduate from school. I’m sure he would pick working over going to school and that’s not something that John should put him in the position to do. I know this isn’t what they want for Toby but its great that he’s staying in the family at least and that they can help him out. Hopefully they won’t have to do that for too long.

Bey and Ty: Ok she did break it off with him but she knows she still cares about him. He’s a pretty cool guy, even though he doesn’t really want to talk about what he’s been though. But that’s normal for most military guys but also had for a youg person to understand. Let’s hope Bey doesn’t push him. I don’t think he is obsessed with her though, he cares.. but a tattoo doesn’t mean that he’s obsessed. Or at least I hope. We shall see.

Daphne: I feel like Daphne’s story right now is important but a little slow. She feels left out but that’s not a new thing for both of the girls. There will always be adjustments being made but you can’t always been angry the whole time. None of what is going on is her fault. And she can’t always be the fixer.

Regina: I’m glad she decided to get herself together before moving back in with the family again. And I love that she invited Bey to stay with her. Perfect bonding time with the ladies since Bey never really has the time. Hopefully it will really bring them closer together as a family but by the looks of Kathryn and Daphne at the end, I’m not totally sure about that.

So what do you think will happen this season? Let me know :)


  1. Lisa Baker says

    I started watching this show a little late, not until it hit Netflix. And I totally loved it. However, I am having a hard time staying interested in this season. I’m having the same problem with Pretty Little Liars, too. So maybe it’s just me.