You don't need a spa to get pampered #NIVEAmoments #Cbias

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When is the last time you took the time to get pampered?

It has definitely been a while for me. I try to at least get a manicure every once in a while but never as much as I should. So when I was chosen to host a spa party, the little girl inside of me jumped out. I was excited to finally take the time to care for my feet, hands and nails but I was excited to help out my friends in the process.


I knew I could pick up the NIVEA at Sam’s Club and since I needed a couple of other things from there, I took the boys on a well needed trip. Hayden even helped me get the fruit snacks down from the shelf so I wouldn’t have to walk away from Noah. Here was the problem: I got to the Sam’s Club lotion aisle, and the NIVEA station was gone. They sold out and the new order they had gotten in were somewhere in the warehouse and couldn’t be found. I was told that the other 2 stores in my area had some so I had to pick on and head there.  Why didn’t I choose another store? You can’t beat the NIVEA Sam’s Club value. I mean you can get 2 huge bottles for $8.98. It is wonderful.


I took some time setting up the for the party once my husband and boys left the house. You have to set the ambiance… lots of essential oils and some candles. I set a station for steam facials. I know at least 2 of my friends have sensitive skin so steam facials were perfect. Just hot water and their choice of an essential oil. I made each person a little bag of things they needed, including an emory board and nail clippers. I also made honey chicken for dinner and pulled out Brave to watch on the blu-ray.


Once the girls arrived, it was all fun and games. I made sangria and bought sparkling white grape juice for the girls. I personally did the feet of anyone who wanted me to. I did the girls first so that they could play once they were done. I think they enjoyed it more than I enjoyed mine! They are best friends so picked the same colors. Jessica had never had a pedicure done before so I did her feet as well. My favorite part is massaging of the feet while putting the NIVEA lotion on. The lotion is super thick and brought out the colors of her foot tattoos and well as Kim’s tattoos. Everyone loved the feeling of the lotion though, it is perfect for winter time dry skin.


I hope to plan a spa party once every couple of months, just to have a girls night and to have some fun. A special thank you to NIVEA for making this a reality for the first time.You can see my Google + Story here.


If you’d like to know more about NIVEA, check out their USA website. You can also hear other stories on their NIVEAmoments pinterest board.

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    Ahh… relaxation and the renewing of mind, body and soul! I love spa days at home. The spa party is a fab idea… I just may ‘steal’ it :) Nivea always leaves me feeling refreshed. I love Nivea lotion!

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    What a fantastic day in for the girls! Between great conversation, meal and movie, not to mention much need skin soothing, I have no doubt that your guests appreciated your thoughtfulness! Thank you so much for sharing your fun :)