New year, new types of CAKE!

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I am no stranger to baking, let me remind you of that. I love to bake! However, I’m horrible at trying new kinds of cake. I know what I like and I’m not a fan of trying anything new. So the plan this year is to bake up some cakes. I searched pinterest for some delicious looking cake recipes and here is a list of cakes that I’d love to try. Only one actually has the pin below, because I wanted you to check out these links to see the actual cakes and grab the recipes. Don’t worry, every single one looks delicious and I’d love to try them!

*All these recipes are all from other bloggers.. I wanted to share some link love AND deliciousness!*

Do you have any other recipes from other bloggers that you would love to see on this list? Comment below and I’ll add them to the list.. as long as I see some delicious cake from the link! :)


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    Those sound like some delicious cakes. I usually just use a mix, but I made my first “not-from-a-mix” carrot cake this year, eggless for my husband who can’t have eggs. Also tried a mexican chocholate cake recipe from my sister-in-law. It’s delicious when she makes it, but mine came out like brownies (tasty brownies, but still–not as good as the right way). I do not know how to handle eggs properly I guess (which is ok since usually I try to do eggless). The frosting was also runny–which actually was kind of cool because it had a hard shell on top and when you broke it warm liquid chocolate drizzled down the rest of the cake. That was an accidental success!

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    There is nothing better than a simple chocolate cake made from scratch. Of course I love all the others but you know something is stellar when you don’t need the bells and whistles! My grandmother made the best cakes but sadly, that was during a time that no one wrote down recipes.

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    Gingerbread is one of my very favorite types of cake. That strawberry cream cake sounds amazing too. I’d love to see something gluten free I could try for my daughter.

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    What a yummy goal you set for yourself. I’d gain 20 more lbs. if I had that one.

    I am seriously eying that hot chocolate cake.